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Frankfurt Book Fair

ABOUT: The world’s largest book fair is as rich in history as it is in attendees. According to Peter Weishaas’ A History of the Frankfurt Book Fair, the international importance of the fair to the literary community was established by 1598, when English scholar Thomas Bodley attended with the intention of stocking the newly refounded Oxford University Library. In 1949, the first modern iteration of the Frankfurt Book Fair was held, and its significance to worldwide publishing and international rights negotiations has continued to increase.

Many of the attendees will primarily focus on the fair’s main attraction: the rights trade. Frankfurt is the setting for huge international licensing deals every year, with foreign rights agents negotiating the acquisition of new titles for adaptations and translations. However, the fair is also a crucial marketing and networking platform. Exhibitors of literature, non-fiction, and art books set up in hall 4.1, the State of the Arts, and are joined by special events platforms and award presentations. Indie publishers are welcome at the Independent Publisher’s Reading Island, a space where new releases are presented and readings held. Self-publishing is also being recognized as an emerging and incredibly important aspect of the industry; a full day’s worth of events and discussions will focus on topics relevant to self-publishers, and guided tours of the fair will stop at major self-publishing companies and service providers.

LOCATION: Frankfurt, Germany