The Law (in Plain English) for Publishers

by Craig Manning / April 2019

"Today’s publishing industry is a true legal quagmire, fraught with the complications of changing distribution models and the evolution of the market in general."

Tech Desk

From the Tech Desk

by Craig Manning / April 2019

"An author interested in trying the Publishizer model would write a book proposal and submit it to the platform. An agent would then review the proposal and offer feedback to help make it stand out. Once the campaign went live, the author would have 30 days to drum up interest for his or her book."

Indie Groundbreaking Bookseller

Mystery Lovers Bookshop

by Kathleen Shoop / April 2019

"One surprise for us was learning how much readers and authors drove the things that happen with the store. It’s important for authors to create and maintain networks with readers. Mystery Lovers provides a space to do that."

Indie Groundbreaking Publisher

Allworth Press at 30

by Jim Barnes / April 2019

"Being a small press and a start-up was challenging, especially as the publishing landscape was transformed by the digital revolution (in both production and ebooks), Amazon, the collapse of most of the independent booksellers, and the issue of whether the physical book would soon be deceased."


Announcing the Results of the 2019 Independent Publisher Book Awards

Thanks to all of the independent authors and publishers who participated in our 23rd annual, 2019 Independent Publisher Book Awards contest!

Book Review

Fresh News Straight from Heaven

by Gregg Sapp

"Fog Mother raged with wild laughter as the blaze engulfed her, even louder as her skin began to sizzle, and continued until long after she should have been dead. The smoke of her burning flesh smelt sweet, like wood from a sassafras tree, but as people breathed it in, they were sickened."


5 New Things I've Learned In Publishing
5 New Things I've Learned In Publishing

by JoAnn Locktov, Bella Figura Publications / February 2019

With photography from my new book

Help Your Book Become a Bestseller
Help Your Book Become a Bestseller

by Amy B. Scher / March 2019

3 Simple Ideas That Work

The Art of Criticism
The Art of Criticism

By Jillian Manning / April 2019

How to Critique a Manuscript