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by Anais Mohr / JULY 2108

Charlesbridge titles “offer accurate information, promote a positive worldview, and embrace a child's innate sense of wonder and fun.”

Tech Desk

From the Tech Desk

by Craig Manning / August 2018

"For independent publishers, there is plenty of opportunity in podcasts. Producing audiobooks is expensive, but podcasts require little more than charismatic hosts, interesting guests, and decent recording equipment."

Lifting People Up: The Power of Recognition

by Craig Manning / August 2018

"By trusting employees and empowering them to share their ideas and drive innovation, businesses can begin to phase out the authoritative relationship between boss and employee. When everyone is being allowed to lead, in a way, the dynamic of the entire workplace shifts to a more equal and team-focused place."

Book Review

Fresh News Straight from Heaven

by Gregg Sapp

"Fog Mother raged with wild laughter as the blaze engulfed her, even louder as her skin began to sizzle, and continued until long after she should have been dead. The smoke of her burning flesh smelt sweet, like wood from a sassafras tree, but as people breathed it in, they were sickened."


Reaching for the Limelight
Reaching for the Limelight

By Jillian Manning / July 2018

Promoting Your Book on Radio and/or TV

Be Careful or You'll End Up in My Novel... Again
Be Careful or You'll End Up in My Novel... Again

by Nina L. Diamond / August 2018

A Conversation with Lisa Gitlin, the Author Who Made IPPY Awards History