Indie Groundbreaking Publisher

Scribe Publishing Company

by Jim Barnes / August 2019

“If I knew then what I know now, I probably wouldn’t be here, but I also wouldn’t have created the job I always wanted, where I wanted it.”

Indie Groundbreaking Bookseller

The Raven Book Store

by Jim Barnes / December 2019

“For our part, we try to level things by being really good at what we do, and really loud. So we use our platform to try to teach people what’s at stake as Amazon increases its influence and market share."

Tech Desk

From the Tech Desk

by Craig Manning / December 2019

''With so many forms of entertainment and so many distractions in today’s world, it’s sometimes hard to imagine young kids picking up books and falling in love with reading in the way that past generations did. Exciting, colorful AR book experiences like Desdemona’s Dreams could be the antidote."

Crack: Rock Cocaine, Street Capitalism, and the Decade of Greed

by Jim Barnes, January 2020

"The working class jobs that had lured African Americans to northern cities were headed back to the anti-labor Sunbelt and overseas, leaving people trapped in inner-city ghettos to find their own ways to climb the economic ladder -- legal or not."


Students from Small Cartooning School Find Outsized Success

"Far from the large cities and cultural centers, a school with less than 40 students in rural Vermont is leaving its mark in a big way."


Want to Be a Better Writer? Read
Want to Be a Better Writer? Read

by J. Michael Dolan

IPPY Award-Winning Novelist Followed in Jack London's Footsteps

5 Ways to Overcome Writer's Wait
5 Ways to Overcome Writer's Wait

by Ellen Notbohm

Don't Let the Anxiety of Waiting Get You Down

Welcome to 2020
Welcome to 2020

by Nina L. Diamond / January 2020

Publishing is Still Nuts