Indie Groundbreaking Bookseller

Mystery Lovers Bookshop

by Kathleen Shoop / April 2019

"One surprise for us was learning how much readers and authors drove the things that happen with the store. It’s important for authors to create and maintain networks with readers. Mystery Lovers provides a space to do that."

Indie Groundbreaking Publisher

Allworth Press at 30

by Jim Barnes / April 2019

"Being a small press and a start-up was challenging, especially as the publishing landscape was transformed by the digital revolution (in both production and ebooks), Amazon, the collapse of most of the independent booksellers, and the issue of whether the physical book would soon be deceased."


Announcing the Results of the 2019 Independent Publisher Book Awards

Thanks to all of the independent authors and publishers who participated in our 23rd annual, 2019 Independent Publisher Book Awards contest!

Indie Groundbreaking Book

The Heart’s Necessities: Life in Poetry

by Jim Barnes / May 2019

"Huleatt felt that a poet’s biography, mixed with thoughts from a contemporary voice, would resonate with younger people – especially women – who ask the same questions Clement asked in her poems: Who am I? What is love? What is faith? How do I deal with loss and death? What are my creative efforts worth?"


Hello, Goodbye Girl

by Nina L. Diamond /May 2019

"It's not that I want to tell stories, it's that I have to. I'm telling a story to myself, and everyone else gets to watch. I try to entertain myself. I'm a firm believer in 'a bad day makes an excellent story.'"

Tech Desk

From the Tech Desk

by Craig Manning / May 2019

"There is always a big question mark hanging in the air when it comes to predicting whether or not the marketplace will embrace a book. StoryFit, a startup based in Austin, Texas and targeting both the publishing and film industries, is seeking to replace that question mark with answers."

Book Review

Deros: A Father Jake Austin Mystery

John A. Vanek

"His choice of a real location, namely Oberlin, is perfect because of its absorbing town-and-gown (town-and-college) history with the Underground Railroad and its cryptic tales of secret passages."


Help Your Book Become a Bestseller
Help Your Book Become a Bestseller

by Amy B. Scher / March 2019

3 Simple Ideas That Work

The Art of Criticism
The Art of Criticism

By Jillian Manning / April 2019

How to Critique a Manuscript

Hello, Goodbye Girl
Hello, Goodbye Girl

by Nina L. Diamond /May 2019

A Q&A with Quinn Cummings