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Oren Teicher and the ABA Board: 'PW' Person of the Year

Time magazine has its person of the year, but when it comes to publishing and bookselling, it's the Publishers Weekly Person of the Year that we care about. 

With this year's bold statements about the politics of publishing, and his clashes with Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and even U.S. President Barack Obama, Oren Teicher proved himself a firmly committed advocate for the independent booksellers of America. Said PW: "The American Booksellers Association saw its first increase in membership in many years, and by 2013 the sector had recovered enough that independent bookstores are once again seen as critical to the success of the book industry. For their role in leading the resurgence of independent bookselling, ABA CEO Oren Teicher and the ABA board have been chosen as PW’s Person of the Year."

Here's a link to Oren Teicher's open letter to booksellers written in September 2013, in which he lists some of the hot topics of the year, and at the end, lists an extensive bibliography of articles by many of the top investigative reporting media, that present a very detailed account of the the Amazon situation as it relates to bookselling and publishing.