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2005 DIY Book Festival Winners Named

Keith White's The Portal was named DIY Book of the Year and Treasure Trove Inc. was named DIY Publisher of the Year in the 2005 DIY Book Festival.

Both books and other winners were honored in a ceremony in Los Angeles on Oct. 8 to cap the fourth annual DIY Book Festival, which honors independent and self-published book on the cutting-edge of literature.

White's novel is a fascinating tale of history, espionage, intrigue, science fiction and romance, a "Raiders of the Lost Ark" adventure that involves a search for an ancient relic. White wins $1000 as the DIY Book of the Year.

Treasure Trove Inc. is the publisher of Michael Stadther's A Treasure's Trove, one of the independent book success stories of the last year. A children's story that involves a real-life treasure hunt for jewels worth well over a million dollars, the book has sold over 150,000 copies to date. For that achievement, it wins the DIY Book Publisher of the Year and Best Illustrated Book Award in the competition.

Other winners in the competition can be seen at the DIY website.