Love My Library Disrupts the Traditional Book Fair Model

School librarians across the country now have an alternative to the traditional book fair, long dominated by Scholastic. Love My Library is an online, 100% literacy-based virtual book fair designed to "ensure every child has the opportunity to fall in love with reading." With Love My Library, families create individual accounts and then invite friends and family to donate to support their student's passion for reading. Schools and students share the proceeds equally, using funds raised to purchase books and items from the online book fair. 

To celebrate its launch, Love My Library is offering an exclusive promotion. Schools who book a 2023-24 event before December 31, 2023 will enjoy 100% of donations back to the school and students. Love My Library will also donate $500 to twenty selected schools hosting a Spring 2024 event.

"Scholastic's stronghold on the educational book fair market has left educators and administrators with limited options, fostering a sense of frustration that resonates through classrooms and libraries," said Toby Cunningham, CEO of Read-A-Thon Fundraising. "Recognizing this pent-up demand for change, Love My Library introduces an alternative that caters to the diverse needs of schools, breaking free from the constraints of the Scholastic control."

Love My Library breathes fresh life into the book fair and library fundraising market by addressing the varied interests and modern day needs of school communities:

  • Inclusivity: Love My Library is accessible to overlooked schools, ensuring that every student, regardless of their socio-economic background, gains access to enriching literary resources.
  • Empowerment: Love My Library empowers librarians to choose literature that is appropriate for their respective communities. 
  • Affordability: Love My Library offers a budget-friendly solution that allows all schools to reap the benefits of book fairs.
  • Hassle-Free Experience: No contracts, no minimums, no need for volunteers, and no inventory to manage or set up, ensuring a smooth process without disruption to classroom or instructional time.
  • Diverse Selection: A library of 900+ unique titles in multiple languages for librarians to choose from, accompanied by free marketing materials and hands-on customer support.
  • Safe and Secure: A friendly, safe, and secure online platform with a proven track record of driving high volumes of donations.

Librarians, educators, parents, and administrators are invited to join the Love My Library movement by visiting